Saturday, January 10, 2015

#MySexySaturday There's a First Time for Everything (like sex, for example)

It's 2015 and My Sexy Saturday is back for more!

My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from one of their books or stories.

My latest piece of smut appears in a mini-collection of taboo virgin erotica (on sale for only $0.99!) called "There's a First Time for Everything."

It's about a high school dropout who's giving school another shot even though she feels stupid and she's older than everyone in her classes.  Her father's new girlfriend is super-smart and wants to help (just wants to be liked, really), but things are tense between the pair.

You know what happens when that tension breaks? It's a Kitty Versus Cougar smackdown on the kitchen table!

Enjoy 7 paragraphs from Kitty Versus Cougar. We join Shelby and her father's girlfriend Manon as they're recovering from a scuffle in the kitchen:

Manon spoke first. She said, “It must be difficult for you, living here with your father. You are an adult. You are accustomed to having your freedom, to come and go as you please, to drink and smoke and make love.”

“Ha!” I couldn’t help laughing, for so many reasons. “I had way less freedom when I lived with my mom. Why do you think I came here?” Before she could answer, I added, “You and my dad think I’m some kind of badass who spent the last year and half having knife fights and snorting coke off some biker dude’s dick. Well, you’re dead wrong. I don’t do drugs, I only fight with my fists, and I wouldn’t fuck a guy if you paid me.”

Manon’s eyes widened and a tense moment passed before she said, “Your father did not tell me this.”

“My father doesn’t know,” I said. “Neither does my mom, but I think she suspects. I think that’s why she was always so hard on me.”

Subtly closing her legs, Manon asked, “You sleep with women?”

“I would if they’d let me,” I muttered.

Manon’s long black lashes fluttered as she regarded me cautiously from across the room. This is exactly what happened with every other girl I had a crush on. Not that I had a crush on my dad’s girlfriend! No way. I hated her. But other girls, girls from work or wherever. After lusting from afar for ten billion years, I’d finally get up the nerve to go in for the kiss. Before my lips got anywhere near their lips, they’d swerve away and get all pissed off. Excuse me? They were the ones leading me on and then backing off at the last second. I should be pissed at them.

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  1. Love the exchange between the two of them. You portray the tension and her frustration well. Great excerpt!