Friday, December 11, 2015

Coffee Time Romance & More eBook Store Closing

In an email sent out Monday, Coffee Time Romance announced they will be closing the eBook store section of their site effective December 31, 2015. They cite Amazon's devaluation of the ebook as the central cause of this closure:

With their Kindle Unlimited Program which allows subscribers to borrow books in the program for only $9.99 a month, as well as, how they encourage self-published authors, and small e-publishers to give away their latest releases for free, readers now believe that even $.99 is too much for an e-book. The hard truth is, it is no longer cost effective to sell e-books in our store.

They go on to say readers who have purchased ebooks from their store in the past will not lose access to those books.

My heart goes out to the crew at CTR because I know how hard they tried to make it work. There's nothing more frustrating than working your ass off at something and being crushed by giants. In terms of sales suckage, I have an indie spot in their store (for the next couple weeks) and I haven't sold a book there since July.

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