Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Perfect Gift for Star Trek Nerds (Like My Girlfriend)

I buy a lot of coins as gifts for one of my sisters (she loves money), so I'm on the Royal Canadian Mint's mailing list. Here's what they sent me today:

See that gold Delta Shield insignia? It costs $1,299.95 and it's SOLD OUT. The other one is 93% sold.

But don't worry. There are these ones too:

I'm a terrible gift-giver, especially when it comes to my girlfriend, but you know what? Someone who owns not one but THREE Star Trek collectors' plates will flip for these Star Trek coins.

And here's the thing: even if she doesn't, guess what? Coins are money!

That's why I generally opt for the Mint's $20 for $20 deals like this one!

I sound like I'm selling these things, right? Haha. I'm just really excited about finding the perfect gift. FINALLY.

Plus, I mean, a $20 coin for 20 bucks. You can't lose.

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