Monday, July 18, 2016

Did you miss me? (And the big Smashwords sale I forgot to mention...)

I missed you.

That sounds like something cheesy a rock star would say (“I’m nothing without my fans!”), but the truth is that when I’m away from the internet, I miss sharing my life via blog posts and twitter. I miss interactions with my fellow authors. I miss YOU.

I was at the cottage with my fambly last week, which got me thinking about a book I published a couple years ago: A WEEK IN THE WOODS WITH FAMILY. I regret to inform you that it's not taboo incest erotica. So sorry. In fact, it's not erotica at all. It consists of a series of correspondences I penned to my girlfriend while I was away on a family vacation.

Throughout the month of July, you can get A WEEK IN THE WOODS WITH FAMILY absolutely FREE at Smashwords using coupon code SFREE. If you enjoy a good behind-the-scenes look at an author's life, this is the book for you:

I thought I'd already blogged about Smashwords' big July sale, but turns out I haven't. I scheduled a bunch of tweets about it--that's what I did. My mind is muddled from all that clean cottage air.

So, pretty much my entire catalogue is on sale right now. You get discounts by using coupon codes. The coupon codes are listed on each book's page, on the right-hand side of the screen, under the buy/add to library/give as gift buttons.

I'll call your attention especially to BISEXUAL BEACH READS, which is 50% off with coupon code SSW50: 

That's a really good deal for 6 erotic novels and novellas in one collection.

You can scroll though my books and Lexi's here: but the sucky thing is that sale prices don't show on that list. You have to actually click onto each book individually to see which coupon is in effect. But it's Monday afternoon and, if you've got a boring job (or you're a master procrastinator like me), you might just have some time to waste.

So yeah. Waste some time with me:

p.s. i love you

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