Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sitting Together: #Lesbian #Erotica
I wrote the story "Sitting Together" for a collection of babysitter erotica, but it's a little different from stories like "Sitting for Cynthia" which features a girl who's 19 or so and the sexy MILF she's babysitting for.

In "Sitting Together" my characters are office workers who are babysitting for another co-worker, but there are a lot of frustrations going on because everyone seems to be in love with the wrong person. There's a lot of unrequited love in this story, but in the end the characters we care about most discover that sometimes the person you crush on isn't right for you.

Yes, it’s true: Brenda is still a virgin. At 26, she’s never even kissed a girl! She’s half in love with divorced Dee, who’s still hung up on her ex-husband, but Dee only sees Brenda as a free babysitter. It’s Silken, Brenda’s friend from the office, who wants everything that’s reserved for Dee. But when Silken makes her feelings known, will Brenda go with the flow or run a mile?



“Have you kissed a girl?”

That was the most embarrassing question anyone could possibly ask. Brenda pressed her palms into her eye sockets and groaned.

“Should I take that as a no?”

Brenda nodded without removing her hands from her eyes.

“Well then you deserve the rest of this ice cream.”

“Thanks.” She went at it.

“No wonder you’re so scared. If you’ve never even kissed a girl you must be freaking out that you won’t know how.”

“I won’t know how!”

“Yes you will,” Silken said, taking on a maternal tone. “It’s not that hard.”

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