Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Office Sex: Workplace #Erotica

July 1st marks the first day of the big annual Smashwords sale. Thanks to this sale, July is usually my highest-grossing month--and, boy, could I use the money this year! So I've decided to release erotica shorts throughout the month, in hopes of encouraging even more sales than usual.

It's time to stock up, and you might as well start with OFFICE SEX! When I read this story over the other day, I couldn't believe how hot it was. Perfect balance of romance and explicit sex, for a short story--if you like coworker crushes and rug burn!

Office Sex
by Giselle Renarde
ISBN: 9780463171332

When a celebrity hotspot catches fire, the entire office watches it burn from their lofty glass tower. The fire reminds Isobel that anything can happen at any time. If a trendy restaurant can burn, she could be taken down in an instant… and she's only slept with one man in her entire life! If the end came tomorrow, she'd regret not making a move on Ahmed, her coworker crush.  The fire says 'Do it now!' Will Isobel listen?

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