Saturday, March 11, 2023

In Deep with the Nanny: The Boss and the Nanny, Book 1

In Deep with the Nanny is a hot book with an extensive history.

It started life as with my sock puppet, Lexi Wood, as her taboo "Larry" series. Recently, I decided to de-taboo-ify it, make some alterations here and there (like changing Larry's name to Henry) and keep the tale going. If you've read Lexi's "Larry" stories, you will recognize a lot of this book's content, but not all of it. The final chapters are brand-spanking-new.

But that's not all!

The sequel is already written (and released on the Radish app, if you're a Radish reader) and will come out in book form next month.

We're talking about a trilogy, here, so there is more to come. I haven't written the third book yet, but now that I've told you it will exist, I'll have to hold myself accountable.

Back to this book.

In Deep with the Nanny is hot stuff, full of sex, sex scene after sex scene after sex scene featuring a nanny and her boss. If you're a fan of age gap and employer/employee romance, you'll love it!

In Deep with the Nanny
by Giselle Renarde
Series: The Boss and the Nanny
Book: 1

By day, she takes care of his kids. By night, she takes care of him. There are millions of reasons Theresa should keep her paws off single father Henry. For starters, he’s older than she is. In case that’s not enough, she’s been nanny to his boys since their mother ran off. Why does something so wrong feel so right?

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