Saturday, January 20, 2024

Rest in Blisse, Victoria

Earlier in the week, I wrote this post for my music blog, but I'm putting it here, too, because I want to make it available to as many eyes as possible:  

I found out via social media that my fellow erotica author Victoria Blisse died this week. I'm not sure how many readers of my lil music blog here are also connoisseurs of fine smut, but anyone who's been around the erotic fiction community for some time has probably encountered Victoria, and knows what a kick-ass, lovely person she was. 

Victoria Blisse used to organize an event called Smut by the Sea, and I'd ship Giselle merch over to her in England to give away, plus contributors' copies of erotic anthologies for her Erotic Tombola. That's how I learned what a Tombola was--we don't have them here in Canada.

Along with Lucy Felthouse, Victoria was co-editor of a number of anthologies that featured my work (including one that was called Smut by the Sea, though I think it's off the market now). I had plenty of interaction with her back then, though not so much recently, and that makes me incredibly sad. She just kept growing into an even cooler person, and I missed out on that for absolutely no reason. I started working independently more and more, and I lost track of a lot of the erotica writers who used to be part of my daily life.

In losing Victoria, we've all lost someone incredibly special. I'm not looking to put a bright note on this post, because I am so very saddened by our loss, but hopefully I'll be able to persuade myself to reach out to the many, many friends from the erotica community that I've wandered away from in recent years. I used to have so many writer friends, and now I have so few. 

You were a sparkling gem, Victoria, and your work lives on even now that you're gone. I hope you're smutting it up by the sea, in the afterlife. Rest in Blisse.  

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