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Cunning Little Vixens: Vintage Erotic Comedy

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Cunning Little Vixens
Vintage Erotic Comedy
by Giselle Renarde
Word Count: 4,900
ISBN: 9798224699032

Step into a world where mischief and desire intertwine with "Cunning Little Vixens." Within the walls of Mrs. Edstrom's quaint lodgings, her spirited young tenants conspire to turn a mundane evening into an adventure.

As the lights dim and the landlady bids her lodgers goodnight, a playful plan unfolds. These clever vixens have a secret: a strapping young man suspended from the trellis, waiting to join them. The bedroom door locks, and the stage is set for a night of laughter, surprise, and a touch of scandal.

Flighty, funny, and with a hint of mischievous charm, "Cunning Little Vixens" invites you into a lighthearted world where the unexpected takes center stage. Join the vivacious vixens as they navigate the fine line between innocence and adventure, making every moment count in this delightful romp through the whimsical side of desire.

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