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Forbidden Enchantment Sexy Surprises: 3 Erotic Stories

I put together a little collection of taboo sexy surprises featuring stepsiblings in strange and supernatural situations. Even though my characters are adult stepbrothers and stepsisters (not blood relatives), this type of content is not sold by most ebook retailers. That means you're very limited as to where you can buy a copy. Sorry about that--it's beyond my control, I'm afraid.

This collection has fewer but longer stories than the usual Sexy Surprises. There's some really juicy fiction in here. If you're a fan of weird fiction, paranormal encounters, and weird fiction, there's definitely content in this book for you!

Forbidden Enchantment Sexy Surprises
3 Erotic Stories
by Giselle Renarde
Series: Sexy Surprises
Volume 38
Word Count: 12,000
ISBN: 9798224099900

Step into a world where taboo lust collides with the supernatural in "Forbidden Enchantment, Sexy Surprises." In this captivating collection, three tales of passion unfold, weaving a tapestry of magic, desire, and the unexpected.

From twisted fairy tale adaptations to strange and otherworldly encounters, each story transports you to a realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. Delve into the forbidden love between a pair of stepsisters and a mysterious stranger, journey through the darkness with a princess who longs for the love of her cursed stepbrother, enter an enchanted realm where desires are unleashed, and discover the secrets hidden within the shadows of the supernatural world.

Prepare to be spellbound by the seductive allure of "Forbidden Enchantment, Sexy Surprises." This collection invites you to explore the realms of fantasy and desire where love knows no bounds. Cater to your cravings and indulge your fantasies as you embark on a journey through a mystical world where passion reigns supreme.
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