Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mission Statement

Whenever you spearhead a new project you're supposed to start with a mission statement, right? So, what's my mission for Donuts and Desires? Well, perhaps I should introduce myself first: Hi! I'm Giselle and I write erotica. There. Now that the formalities are over with, I can describe my mission. My mission... my mission... how obvious is it that I'm procrastinating?

Before I get to my mission, why don't I tell you why I chose Donuts and Desires as a blog title? That part's easy. The desires are tied to my profession, weaving erotic tales for the discerning reader. I'm sure I'll be writing a great deal about... well, writing. The donuts are twofold: firstly, they're a signifier of my Canadian identity. After all, my slogan is, "Canada just got hotter!" Also, donuts remind me of a beloved yellow cartoon character, and I quote the Simpsons a lot. It's an affliction. I try not to let it affect my writing too much.

Back to the mission statement. Hmm...

Well, maybe I don't need a mission. Maybe I can just come here to procrastinate, share some thoughts on the frustrations of writing and the even greater frustrations of publishing, procrastinate, eat donuts, discuss Canadian-ness, procrastinate and connect with my readers and with everyone who's never heard of me.

But the above is not a mission, just a plan, and I can't stick to a plan, so...

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