Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting the Parents

Today I met Sweet’s mom.

For all the anxiety this first meeting generated, it turned into a pretty anti-climactic event. It helped—or…didn’t help?—that Sweet’s family doesn’t know she’s transsexual. To mom, Sweet is just her son and I’m just his plain old hetero girlfriend. Nothing more complicated than that.

“I’ve been at mom for years because of the way she talks about those people,” Sweet told me. “I’ve asked her how she can think of someone as a friend until she finds out they’re gay. Being gay is part of who those people are, and probably a big part of why she liked them in the first place. I hate that my mother’s so homophobic.”

“Is she transphobic too?” I asked.

“She wouldn’t know where to begin to understand the trans issue.”

As far as mom’s aware, her son is my boyfriend. God, that just sounds so wrong! Her DAUGHTER is my GIRLFRIEND. We are a lesbian couple. It bothered me to pretend to be something I’m not. I felt a little closeted, but I’m hardly going to out my girlfriend to her family. We all progress in our own time and it’s up to everyone to allow our partners room to grow.

That said, it was great to get the inside scoop on Sweet’s adorableness growing up. I have no idea how the topic came up, but her mom suddenly started telling me how much Sweet hated dressing up when she was a kid.

“Even at Halloween, he never wanted to get in costume,” mom told me.

I had to bite my tongue. Sweet started cross-dressing when she was quite young. Many transgender children do, but often it’s a private matter. I guess mom really wasn’t aware.

“And then when he finally did start going out for Halloween, he always dressed as a tramp!”

Bite…tongue…harder! She still dresses pretty trampy, mom! You should see her in a miniskirt and platform boots! No, that’s mean. Sweet is a perfectly respectable woman who wears perfectly respectable outfits.

Though, as I write this, my mind wanders to yesterday afternoon when she taped her boobs to create the most extraordinary cleavage, then wore a low-cut sweater for my amusement. God, I spent most of our time together with my face buried in her tits! I only came up for air when I was on the verge of asphyxiation, then it was right back into it, licking my girlfriend’s cleavage.

I didn’t tell her mom any of this, obviously. It’s up to sweet to reveal her queer sexual and gender identities to her family in her own time.

“I’d love for her to be taking mom out to lunch,” Sweet said as we kissed goodbye. “And maybe some day mom will have lunch with her daughter and she’ll just have to accept it.”

Big Hugs,

Adam & Eve's Ava Rose

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