Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick Six Interview with Christine d'Abo

Quick Six Interview with Christine d'Abo

1. Hi Christine! Would you be so kind as to tell us what type of stories you write?

I love to write erotic futuristics and urban paranormals. There is something wonderful and fun about the blend of mixing the edge of the unknown, and the need for people to develop relationships.

2. What are you reading right now?

I have a few books on the go right now. I'm currently reading Colleen Gleason's When Twilight Burns (which is fantastic!). It's book four in her Gardella Vampire Chronicles series. I'm also reading Doctor Who: The Writer. It's a fascinating book, a collection of emails between Russell T Davies and Ben Cook on the behind the scenes writing of Doctor Who.

3. I hear music in the background…what's playing?

Man, I need to turn that down! I'm a bit of a hard rocker. I'm a huge fan of Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, anything with a hard edge. That said, I'm also a gigantic fan of Dave Matthews Band and Matthew Good.

4. Do you have a favourite naughty word?

Oh, I have to say I'm a big fan of fuck. I don't know if it was all the Robin Williams and George Carlin I listened to when I was young and impressionable or not, but there is just something fun about it. I always have at least one character in my books with a bit of a foul mouth.

5. Is there a word or phrase that absolutely makes you cringe?

Honestly, not really. Any word can be sexy, and any word can be offensive. It's the intent behind it, the meaning that's been infused with it, rather than the word itself.

6. Be honest: What are you snacking on?

My local grocery story makes salt and vinegar chips. I'm soooo addicted to these things. My husband cringes everytime I go shopping now because he knows I'll get a bunch LOL!

Promo time! Flog your wares. Any exciting new releases? How can readers find out more about you and your work?

So much fun and excitement going on right now. On October 31st, book three in my Eternal Bond series, The Bond That Consumes Us was released from Ellora's Cave. This is the story of one of my most requested characters, Taber. I really enjoyed getting into his character more. My next release is entitled, All Bottled Up. It will be coming to Samhain Publishing on January 6, 2009. It is the story of a call center worker from Halifax NS, who finds a genie in a bottle while she's on a trip to Mexico.

You can read excerpts of all my books at my website,

Thank you for having me here, Giselle!

Yay Canadian characters! Halifax is one of my dream destinations. I'm not much of a traveler, but I've heard the Maritimes are gorgeous provinces. I would love to take the train all the way across Canada, except I probably couldn't bear that much sitting. One of these days I'll get out to British Columbia, too, to check out their special brand of beautifulness.
Thanks for chatting, Christine! Much appreciated.

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