Friday, April 10, 2009

Crush List

Let’s celebrate the long weekend by having a little fun! It’s truth or dare time, everybody. I DARE you to tell me the TRUTH: who’s your favourite crush? Yes, I know you have one or two at least.

Today I’m starting a CRUSH LIST!!! I love my girlfriend, but we all have silly little attachments to celebrities and the like. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Giselle’s Crush List:

1. Meg White. Mmm…there’s just something special about a girl with a drum set. I really love her innocence and playfulness. Hey, I’d take the White Stripes for a spin in the threesome-mobile any day.

2. Professor Snape. Yes, from Harry Potter. Is that weird? Because if it is, there are a hell of a lot of Snape-obsessed weirdos out there. And it’s not Alan Rickman I’m interested in; it’s the character. I always did like the bad guys (or girls…I always like Cruella DeVille as a kid).

3. Bernie Dexter. Who? She’s a rockabilly model with her own lingerie line, I do believe. I think she’s GORGEOUS! Love the look, love the smile, love the clothes. Yum!

4. Patrick Stewart. If I concentrate on that image for more than thirty seconds, my body erupts in spontaneous orgasm. He’s just that good-looking. And it’s not just the looks, it’s the voice too. Ohhh, gotta love that melts-your-muscles voice.

That’s it for me at the moment. Okay, time to reciprocate, folks. Let’s see your crush lists!

Bright Blessings,


  1. The current Doctor in Doctor Who, hands down. :D

  2. Yes, Adrianne. I agree. And Hugh Laurie. Not sure why, but I'm sensing a theme towards skinny, geeky men on my list. :)

    Also, (eep! I forget her name!) the actress who played Princess Amadala in Star Wars. I watched that bleeding movie because she's in it!

  3. Ohhhh, I'm with you on Professor Severus Snape, not only the character, but the the MAN behind him as well. God, does he have a voice like velvet!!! I'll be crushing on Snape forever, lol.

  4. Oh my do I have to pick just one or two crushes lol. Dr Who is definitely a crush for me. I also agree on the Professor Snape, he is totally yummie and having read the books all the way to the end I totally did him even more. But the one person I would really really like to meet has got to be Rob Pattinson. Yup he most definitely does it for me....*turns on fan*


  5. Do they have to be famous? Cause right now, my crush is on a friend:D