Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three Tongues? Yes, Please!

It's been a while since I've revisited my first Dark Fantasy, BENEATH THE ICE, but when Midnight Seductions announced a "favourite line" contest, I gave my paranormal e-book another read in search of...well...a favourite line.

Oh my! I'm *gasp* a tad breathless...

BENEATH THE ICE is an erotic adaptation of the Inuit folktale of the Qallupilluit (which I have transcribed Kaloopalooit just for fun. Either way, it's a pretty cool word to look at) who lives between the cracks in the sea ice and devours small children who get too close. It's a cautionary tale elders told the young ones to keep them away from dangerous springtime cracks in the ice.

As I meditated on the idea of a three-headed sea monster, I became more and more excited. What would happen if the Kaloopalooit encountered a woman? Could she teach the triple-tongued creature to acquire a taste for her juices? Just imagine floating underwater as three mouths caressed your body!

That's how BENEATH THE ICE came into being. I had forgotten how sensual this story is. It's focused entirely on a woman's body, sensuality, and pleasure. This is a story about receiving without a sense of guilt or reciprocity, just receiving and enjoying.

So, who's feeling receptive today?


I narrowed down my choice of favourite lines to these three. Brace yourself; they're for adult eyes only:

“There’s a whole body here to be consumed,” Enooya offered. “Fingers to toes. It’s your choice where to begin.”
She couldn’t actually see the monster whose smooth skin traced the perimeter of her pussy; the two sparkling blue heads sucking her tits blocked the way.
She writhed and coursed at the slick friction in her ass, the strong suction on her clit, until she was crying out, her shrieks of pleasure muffled by the mouth kissing her unrelentingly.

You can read my top pick from this story, along with other authors' favourite lines from their work, at the Midnight Seductions yahoo group.

You can snap up a copy today--it's only $2!--from loveyoudivine or

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