Thursday, April 21, 2011

Give It Up for Earth Day

I just came across this cool initiative from Earth Day Canada called Give It Up for Earth Day, so I thought I'd pass it along. Their main challenge involves making the choice to give up meat, toxic cleaners, watching TV, and/or buying stuff for a given period of time.

I could probably cut down on my TV consumption (I've developed a bad habit of leaving the room with the TV still on) so I will start by not watching TV for ONE DAY. (Yeah, what a sacrifice, Giselle!) I know, I know, but after that one day I'll try another day, and another. I've already switched to non-toxic cleaners, and I hardly ever eat meat, so I could easily give up meat for a week (at least!) and buying stuff? I gave up buying stuff when I started writing full time! LOL

Definitely check out the website. It is coolissimo:


  1. Does listening to the Blue Jays game while you're writing really count as watching TV? If not, I can definitely give that up . . . meat, not so much. :)

  2. Ugh my neighbour is cleaning with toxic chemicals as we speak--I can smell it through the bathroom vent.

    Hmm...Blue Jays...yeah that counts as TV...though not so much as entertainment... (OH! That was a good one, Giselle!) The last time I recall having fun at a Jays game was back when they played at Exhibition Stadium. Was there anyone in Toronto at that time who didn't have one of those MR. SUB duffel bags? Remember those?