Friday, June 7, 2013

Call for Submissions: The Big Book of Domination

I can't keep up with all the calls for submissions these days!  The following comes from the 2013 Lambda Award-winning D. L. King:

I have a new call for submissions.  Please feel free to cross post anywhere and everywhere.  Also, I'll have a call for lesbian erotica in a couple of days, so keep watching this space!

The Big Book of Domination
Edited by D. L. King
To be published by Cleis Press
Deadline: August 1, 2013
Payment: $50 plus 2 copies of the anthology

D. L. King is looking for sexy stories of domination in all its various nuances and permutations.  I’m talking about those who were born to be dominant and those who had dominance thrust upon them; men dominating women and women dominating men, as well as same-sex domination. Write about pros and amateurs (in the strictest sense of the word, as in “lover of…”)  Write about married folks and hook ups.  Write about subs made to train that new, young, household addition. See if you can surprise me; think of something I wouldn’t, but do it artfully. Bottom line?  It has to be hot.

This is the Big Book of Dominance, so I want it all.  Stories from the dominant’s point of view and stories from the submissive’s point of view.  Stories about jaded pros remembering what that first spark was all about and stories about new guys, just learning the ropes.  This book will be primarily straight but, like I said, I’m interested in a few gay, lesbian and bi stories, too.  It should go without saying that characters must be at least 18, no scat, no snuff and, just so you know, I'm not a big fan of water sports.  (That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the occasional artfully told enema story)  Just make me happy--make me wet.

Stories should be between 1,500 and 3,500 words, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman. Please indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch and do not include extra lines between paragraphs. No fancy fonts, no weird sizes, no bizarre formatting, no strange colors, please. Do NOT put a cover sheet on your story.

Send your story as a .doc (NOT a .docx) attachment and include the title, pseudonym (if applicable) and your legal name and mailing address to dominantantho@  The subject line should read: Submission: STORY TITLE. Please include a bio of 50 words or less. Direct any questions to the same address. Original stories only. (If you are absolutely unable to send a .doc attachment, I will accept an rtf.)

Hope to hear from you,

D. L. King
http://dlkingerotic a.blogspot. com
http://twitter. com/d_l_king

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