Friday, September 5, 2014

Good News, Everyone! Bali Nights is FREE until the end of September!

Just found out from my publisher that my novel Bali Nights has been chosen for a free iTunes promotion ending September 30th and Amazon UK has price-matched! That means you can get my erotic bisexual rubenesque travel romance novel for the low, low price of nothing! Do it now or, so help me, I will hunt you down...

Oops, I mean I won't do anything. It's entirely your decision.

But it's free and it's an entire novel (at 52,000 words, Bali Nights is one of the longest books I've ever written!). I noticed it wasn't price-matched at, but you can help change that by scrolling down to where it says "tell us about a lower price" and plugging in the iTunes link below. Hopefully we'll get it going for free on Amazon soon.

Here are the linkages:
Amazon UK:
And here's the Amazon one too, though it's not free yet.

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