Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wanna Be Taken by "A Thief in the Night"?

I don't think I mentioned I've got a story in Kristina Wright's new anthology, Three of Hearts. This is an anthology of menage erotica, and I KNOW we've got plenty of threesome fans!

My story is called A Thief in the Night, and it'll appeal to those of you who like the darker side of erotic romance:

Hailey's got a thing for mysterious strangers. Unfortunately, she forgot to warn her new beau about the one who breaks into her apartment every Thursday night. Derek's a good sport when the "thief in the night" ties him up with his own belt and instructs him how to pleasure his girlfriend. Together, they can get Hailey off, but will their first threesome also be their last?

Want to read an excerpt?

They’d been out of each other’s lives for years, but when they met in that supermarket two weeks ago it was like picking up exactly where they’d left off. The friendship they’d abandoned in eighth grade, when they’d gone to different high schools, was still there between them. Right away, he felt close to her. Good ol’ Hailey, the gorgeous girl next door. With every date, he felt like he knew her even better, inside and out.

Now Derek didn’t know what to think. Somebody was sneaking around her apartment, and she seemed totally blasé about it. “Hailey, what’s happening?”

“Shhh!” She closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. “Just go with it, okay?”

Before he could think how to respond, the bedroom door burst open. Through the blackness of the threshold, he could just make out a shape. A body: a man, all in black. Even his face was covered with a dark balaclava. All Derek could really see in the filtered moonlight was the killer gleam in his eyes.

“Hailey!” Derek tried to reach for her, but his body turned to stone. He couldn’t even move his head. He could barely speak. “The phone. Where’s the phone? Call the police.”

“Looks like we’ve got company.” The burglar chuckled deeply. His voice was dark as the devil, the black rumble of a thundering bass line. “I wasn’t expecting a man in bed, but I guess I can play along.”

Want to find out how they play? Get yourself a copy of Three of Hearts today!

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