Saturday, March 12, 2022

Flash in the Pen: 24 Extremely Short Erotic Stories

Got a minute? Read a quickie!

Flash in the Pen features two dozen tantalizing tales—one for every hour of the day, if you can wait that long to read them. Once you start, you might never want to stop! This book is erotic tapas. You get a delicious taste of everything from tantric energy exchanges to sudden stranger sex, from BDSM to butt plugs.
  • Girls acting like kitties and pretending to be puppies.
  • Fisting. First times. Fantasies.
  • Sexy surprises.

There’s a little something for everyone in this collection, so get ready for a frenzy of flashers!

Here's an excerpt from Flash in the Pen. This one's from a story called Two Girls Kissing. I wrote it as I watched two girls kissing in the park across the street:

I'm sitting by the window, gazing out at the park across the street, and what priceless display of wanton lust catches my eye?

Two girls kissing.

Two girls kissing... oh my GOD, it's two girls kissing. Am I seeing this right? Is it wishful thinking?

Nope, it's real. They're young and pretty, wearing short shorts and tight tops because even at eight in the evening it's still hot outside. Their long limbs are all tangled together. They're wrapped up in each other's smooth bodies. One is petting the other's bare thighs... and they're kissing.

They're kissing the way I used to kiss when I was young and in lust. They're kissing in a public park, right there for everyone to see. I used to do that, too, when I was young... and in lust... and in love.

There's something in the way they lunge at each other, devouring mouths, tongues, smashing their full lips and their tiny breasts together and running their hands through each other's hair that reminds me of my youth.

There are no subtle pecks, no flighty "because I have to" shows of pseudo-affection. These are unanticipated guerilla kisses. I can tell. It's like neither of these girls expects the kiss to happen until they're neck-deep in it.

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