Friday, March 25, 2016

#MySexySaturday In Fertile Ground: #Virgin #Breeding #Erotica
This week's My Sexy Saturday topic is "Some Sexy Action" and, let me tell you, that's what you're going to get with my new release from Excessica Publishing.

"In Fertile Ground" is a dark tale I wrote for the anthology Fertile Girls. If you haven't read it yet, prepare yourself! This is seriously erotic stuff:

When did I find out my first time would be given to Our Leader? I’ve always known. It’s the same for every girl here. After we come of age, we submit to the one man who is more than man, more than human. He is our high priest, godly in stature. His seed must be spread among every young woman at the commune. Each of us will bear a babe for him, each wife in turn.

Today my time has come. Our wedding night awaits…

Read 7 paragraphs from In Fertile Ground:

He takes hold of my hand and presses it against the soft, dark fabric. “It’s velvet.”

“I’ve never felt anything so soft, except the mosses in the forest.”

He hasn’t released my wrist when he asks, “Do you like the mosses in the forest?”

“Yes,” I say, though my throat runs dry. “I like them just after the rain, when they remain slightly wet.”

“Much like your skin,” he says as he traces his fingers up my arm. “Your mother did not dry you.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shakes his head and tells me, “Those were my instructions to her: bring your daughter to me wet.”

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