Saturday, December 23, 2017

Free, Instant Shipping on Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

I just had a genius idea for everyone who leaves gift-buying to the last second. Like maybe it's 7AM Christmas morning and you suddenly realize DAMN IT JANET, I didn't get a gift for my sister/daughter/husband/grandma/whoever! What do I do?

You buy an ebook as a gift!

Isn't that a great idea? Yeah, I know it is!  It's such a great idea I can't even believe I came up with it!

How do you give an ebook as a gift?

Certain retailers, like Amazon and Smashwords, give you this option.  Just go to an ebook's page, look where the price is, and then scroll down until you see the button that says "Give as a Gift." Voila! It'll be delivered like magic. Instant gift!

What ebook should you give?  Well, that's entirely up to you, my friend.  Depends on what the recipient likes to read.

Here are a few ideas based on cursory perusal of Amazon. I haven't read any of these books, but now I definitely want to!

And, hey, if you want to give someone one of my books, you should definitely do that!  Here's the newest, most expensive book I've published, which can be given as a gift via Smashwords. It's 6 novels in one book!

So there you go! All your problems are solved. You're welcome.

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