Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Very Surprising (some would say SHOCKING) November Bestsellers

We're talking Giselle Renarde paperbacks today, here at Donuts and Desires. And when I think PAPERBACKS, I think: remember everybody speculating a few years ago why ebooks were such hot sellers? Remember the theory that ebooks sold well because women could secretly squirrel erotica away on their e-readers so nobody would know they were reading dirty, dirty smut?

Oh, the fun of it all!

Well, I'd say the November print bestsellers poke a little hole in that theory, because we're talking dirty filthy smut people aren't afraid to be SEEN reading.  Unless they rip the covers off.  But why would you do that when they're sooo good-looking?

Tell us more about these saucy bestsellers, Giselle!

Okay, I will!

First up is a paperback for readers who adore anal erotica:

Adultery is a big-time no-no in the romance world, but this is EROTICA, baby:

I've saved the best for last. I can only hope the people who purchase this next gem are reading it on city buses as we speak:

Thanks to all the books that played this month. There can only be so many bestsellers. But there's always room for honourable mentions, so big ups go out to:

Erotic Older Women
Taboo Hotel Sex Stories
Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping

I couldn't be more proud. Fly, little paperbacks! Fly like the wind!

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  1. These all look gorgeous, but I am absolutely swooning over Lesbians Lick Butt. :)