Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sapphic Signs: Skylar's Pride

Sorry I missed putting up a Sapphic Signs post last week. I lost track of the days (a writer's prerogative), and then suddenly it was Friday and I realized I'd forgotten it was release day for A Tale of Fur and Flesh so my focus got shifted. Yeah, one of those weeks. Anyway, Sapphic Signs are back with:

Skylar's Pride by Lara Zielinsky

Skylar's got a problem. Make that several. She's kept her shapeshifter nature a secret from her current lover, Lila. Now that it's midsummer, Skylar faces enforced return to her father's pride lands. But Max, Lila's son, has gone missing from the campsite where his father was murdered -- savaged by an animal. Will Skylar find Max and solve the mystery of the Cherry Creek Park wolves before her father forces her return or her secret is revealed?


The sound of snapping branches broke the silence of the woods to her right. Immediately her shoulders tensed, and she searched through the darkness for the source.

Seeing nothing, she nevertheless kept sweeping the woods with her gaze as she continued to run. Today she planned to run for the full hour, turning back only when she reached the reservoir wall within Cherry Creek Park.

A breeze blew from behind her, and she spun, having caught the scent of more than leaf decay in its bouquet. "Mar, show yourself, you runty sonofabitch."

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