Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WANTED: Lovers of Cowboys and Westerns

Authors! Readers! Publishers!

You're wanted. Yes, you.
When? Today.
Where? The LoveRomancesCafe Yahoo group.
Why? For a celebration of cowboys and westerns.
Reward: Participation is its own reward!

Want more information? Keep reading, partner.

**Permission to Forward Granted**

Wednesday November 23rd is all about Cowboys and Westerns. Love hunky sexy cowboys with a slow drawl that makes shivers go up your spine? Well so do get ready for our Western theme day here at the LRC Loop.

Theme Day is EXCERPTS ONLY so save those new contract, blogging, etc news for Mondays.

Time: Midnight to midnight EST (USA TIME)

WHERE: LR Cafe Yahoo Loop

Genres welcome: Westerns as well as sub-genres as long as it's classified as Westerns or Cowboys by your publisher.

Any heat rating is welcome-from sweet to oh so hot you need a fire extinguisher.

Put "Excerpt" in subject line please.

Unlimited posting of excerpts this day.

Publishers-if you have any submission calls for this theme, please drop in and let us know.

If you have any questions, please email me at OFF
THE LOOP and I can answer you as soon as I get back online.


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