Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brag About Swag

When I first became a writer, my bio began "Giselle Renarde is an eroticist, environmentalist, and pastry enthusiast."  Since then, I've tweaked the pastries and the environment out of my biography, but definitely NOT out of my life.  I still care deeply about donuts.  And I care even MORE deeply about the planet. 

I spent a few hours today at the Green Living Show in Toronto, and I kinda want to show you all the stuff I got.  Am I a nerd, or what?

When I was in university, I was a bit of a freebie-aholic.  If it was free, I wanted it--no matter what it was.  These day, I'm much less interested in acquiring things I have no use for.  What I'm basically saying is... see all this stuff I got?  Well, there was MORE than this.  If I'd been in an accumulating mood, I could have scooped up all kinds of thingies.  Also, I ate most of the food I got, so it's not pictured.

What did I come home with?  Tote bags, seed paper, seeds, natural fertilizer, tissue, chapstick, glue, hand purifier, environmentally conscious soap, detergent, and more.

I admit it: I love getting something for nothing.  Thanks to all the companies (especially the small businesses!) that provided samples.

And now a question for readers, writers, and anybody else who happens to be reading this post: When you're at a trade show or when you receive a gift bag or prize pack, what kind of gifty things do you like to receive?  I particularly like chapstick.  It's the only makeup I wear. LOL

What kind of swag makes you brag?


(Oh, I almost forgot: If you're in or around Toronto, the Green Living Show is still on tomorrow--Sunday April 14th, 2013 from 10am-6pm I do believe.  There are lots of ways to get in free.  Check out the site for more info: )

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