Saturday, December 20, 2014

Twelve Days of Holiday Books: Electra's Multicolored Christmas

Electra's Multicolored Christmas
by Imari Jade

International hip-hop artist Ava “Electra” Jones travels to Tokyo, Japan to perform at the birthday party of the emperor and to spend Christmas with her longtime lover Hiroki Nijo who she’s been dating for the last fourteen years. But instead of getting the beautiful white Christmas the southern belle always dreamed of, Ava discovers that Hiroki hasn’t told his family about their relationship and he has no intentions of doing so.

Though Hiroki loves Ava he doesn’t want to subject her to his mother and aunt, the empress who tries to run his and his eighteen year old cousin’s Koyoshi’s lives. And to make matters worse, Koyoshi has taken a fancy to Ava and plans to make a move on her at his father’s party. Can Kioshi keep Ava away from the future emperor of Japan without blowing his secret or his cool?

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