Saturday, February 7, 2015

#MySexySaturday The Price of a Good Cup of Coffee: A Short Lesbian Romance

I don't know whether it's funny or depressing that my new lesbian romance short, The Price of a Good Cup of Coffee, costs less than even a crappy cup of coffee. What is this world coming to? 

But I set the price (at $0.99), so why am I complaining? Oh, Giselle...

So, it's My Sexy Saturday--the day of the week when authors post 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from their work. Since I haven't mentioned my latest release yet this week (it's been busy here at Donuts and Desires), our focus is The Price of a Good Cup of Coffee.

The Price of a Good Cup of Coffee is a sweet (and sexy) New Adult first time lesbian romance short. It's about a university student, Evelina, who falls in love with a pair of legs in woolly black tights. When their owner takes off, Evelina spends months on the lookout for Chaucer Girl (so-called because she was carrying a giant Chaucer book at the time of last sighting). Is Chaucer Girl the doe-eyed barista at the campus coffee shop?

My mom set her fugly club attire down on the bed. “I’m sure this girl will like you no matter what you’re wearing. I keep saying ‘this girl.’ What’s her name, Evie?”

Blank slide. No disk. Please insert video. “Chaucer Girl?”

I got the gruff mom-voice for that. “Evelina! Ask what her name is before you…” Mom started up with a penis-in-vagina hand motion, running two straight fingers through two in a circle. When she realized that gesture wasn’t the most relevant, she said, “Oh, wait, that’s wrong.” She waggled her tongue through a V in her fingers.

“Ew, Mom, don’t be disgusting!” I threw my hopeless self into my mother’s closet and came face-to-face with the perfect skirt.

“Yeah, Chaucer Girl, just like that!” my mom teased.

“This is it!” I cried, tearing the army green skirt from the rack. “Will you stop? You’re grossing me out!”

“So-o-o-rry,” Mom chuckled. “I’m sure you’re just meeting up for a midnight poetry reading. Grab a jacket on your way out; it’s getting chilly. And make sure to find out this girl’s name before you do the nasty!”

Since it's only $0.99, you should grab a copy of this little sweetheart for Valentine's Day. It's available from a whole bunch of retailers, including:

Amazon UK:

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