Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tell me what you're up to, Abi Aiken!

Giselle: Hi Abi! Tell me what you're up to... (What's cooking? Personally, professionally, on the stove, whatever)

Abi Aiken: I've been keep so busy lately co-writing with my friend in the US, Rozlyn Sparks! We're writing erotic romance stories, focussing at the moment on MFM ménage. We might just have a little bit of MFF coming up as well, but you didn't hear it from me!

Co-writing with Rozlyn is so awesome,too! The girl is seriously naughty, which helps because I am so sweet and innocent and don't know anything about anything at all. *Pouty pouty, blinky blinky*

Giselle: You and me both. heh. Got a new book out? What's it called?

Abi Aiken: Indulgence: A Valentine's Day Romance

Giselle: Never too late for V-Day. Tell me about it.

Abi Aiken: Psychology student Graciela believes she has everything a girl could ask for, including the love of the caring and thoughtful Jamie. But way down deep, she has a secret desire. One she can’t tell Jamie about. One she can barely admit to having.

Graciela fantasizes about dirty anonymous sex with more than one man. And with her healthy dose of Catholic guilt, the dream plays havoc with her mind.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, her boyfriend Jamie has organized the ultimate gift for his gorgeous exotic lady...and it won’t be flowers or chocolate.

It starts with a silk blindfold. And it ends with four strong hands, two hot mouths, and one very lucky woman.

Giselle: Where can readers buy it?

Abi Aiken: http://tinyurl.com/pvzoxc8

Giselle: Where can readers find you?

Abi Aiken:


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  1. Giselle - I'm a freelancer for Xtra in Vancouver looking into a possible story on Google censoring adult content blogs - like yours. I wonder if you're available for comment? I can't seem to find a "contact" link - I can be reached through ammacinn at hotmail etc. This is time sensitive so if possible get back to me ASAP... cheers - A.