Thursday, July 9, 2015

Liquid Longing

This is the point in the week where I'm thinking, "Oh crap, there are so many wonderful writers I want to feature and only two days to do it." What if someone I love is watching and waiting, and they never see their name in lights, and then they feel jilted and drive-by 1-star all my books?

My mother would say, "Then they're not a real friend..."

This week, while I'm away, I'm featuring books by writers I adore. Here's why: (like I need a reason...)

Today's featured book is...

Liquid Longing - An Erotic Anthology of the Sacred and Profane
by Annabeth Leong

From Annabeth Leong’s penetrating view of the sensual, the sacred, and the profane comes an anthology of erotic tales of wonder. Passion flows, mercurial, through these eleven tales of sex, death, and rebirth. Curiosity mingles with shame, anger revels in worship, exploring desire of all types. Here are dead gods, undead starlets, and immortal creatures hungry for connection—a collection of love letters to human nature, with no easy answers among them.

Instead you will find intimate legends and infinite possibility. For every dark soul pining for something beyond their grasp, there is a moment of ecstasy to tantalize the heart and mind. The stories here do not represent the safe, sane, and consensual, and no awareness of risk can prepare you for the ultimate sacrifice.

Come, immerse yourself in Liquid Longing.

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