Saturday, July 25, 2015

#MySexySaturday Wet Weekend in Our Sexy Place

A weird thing happens when I sit down to write dirty, dirty fetish erotica: it becomes really... REAL. Emotional honesty always seems to break through the kink.

That's one reason I want everybody to snap up a copy of my new release, Wet Weekend. We're talking about a set of six sequential stories about a lesbian couple discovering their shared love of all things pee.

WAIT! Come back!

I know not everybody's over the moon about golden showers, but this collection is so... so... what's the word? Different?

I don't think I can sum up how I feel about Wet Weekend in just one word. I lovingly refer to it as my lesbian pee book, but it's about so much more than what the women DO to each other. It's about who they ARE to each other. That's what makes it special.

This week's My Sexy Saturday topic is Our Sexy Place, so it's apt that I'm featuring a book which takes place during a weekend getaway. The following 7 sentences are pulled from Talia and Cassie's drive up to the resort hotel. Cassie has to pee, and she has to pee BAD:

Nobody around, thank goodness.

I swung open the passenger door as soon as Talia came to a halt. Leaving my panties on the car mat, I raced through the tickly long grasses in my sandals. My summer skirt fluttered against my thighs as I ran to the trees.

Just like Talia said, there were strong, tall shade trees surrounding the farmland, blocking it from the highway. I had to whizz so badly I wouldn’t have cared if I was forced to pee in the middle of a field.

Pulling my skirt up and hugging it to my chest, I parted my feet and squatted. I got down so low the grasses brushed my pussy and my thighs.

Then a weird thing happened: I couldn’t go. I’d been holding it so hard, telling myself not to, that when I finally gave myself permission, nothing came out.

“Better?” Talia asked.

“Oh God!” I jumped when I looked up and saw her. She was standing not three meters away, keys in hand, watching me.

Since Wet Weekend is so special to me, I want everybody to buy a copy. It's on sale today for $0.99 so everyone with 99 pennies to spare can afford it. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy. It's available from lots of retailers.

Like these ones:


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