Thursday, August 6, 2015

When We Were Jung: A Companion Piece

I wrote a really long blog post about Carl Jung and Robertson Davies's Fifth Business at three in the morning:

While I was writing, I happened to be chatting with my girlfriend. It's kind of our thing. When I say (in the aforementioned blog post) that I'm pretty sure I've forgotten 90% of everything I've ever learned... well, here's proof:

gisellerenarde: i read the entire deptford trilogy
       and then the cornish trilogy
       i always wished robertson davies wrote more, but his books are pretty heavy
       i wonder if i'd like them now, if i read them again

Sweet: well you can try

gisellerenarde: sometimes your brain has to be in a certain mode to enjoy something, and i'm not sure i would appreciate the things academic me appreciated

Sweet: you never know

gisellerenarde: let's see whats on my bookshelf... the cornish trilogy, the manticore, and a book of ghost stories

Sweet: maybe you will pick up on the erotic side of his writing hahaha

gisellerenarde: i remember one scene from fifth business where the main character is in a hole with a lesbian and he shits himself
       don't ask me for context. that's all i rememeber
       it's actually a cave, not a hole

Sweet: well all a cave is is a horizontal hole ..

gisellerenarde: hahaha

Sweet: if I was in a cave with a lesbian I might do something more constructive
       if she was interested

gisellerenarde: the only other scene i remember is... the main character has a crush on this woman, Leisl, and he walks in on her making out with like a circus performer? a trapeze artist or something
       Leisl is the lesbian
       Leisl the Lesbian
       oh not making out, fingerfucking her

Sweet: thats kind of making out with getting yourself trapped in a hole with a lesbian
       horizontal of veritcal

gisellerenarde: hahaha
       so that was my takeaway from Fifth Business

Sweet: I believe you .. never having read it

gisellerenarde: actually, the cave shitting might have been in a different book. i think it was in The Manticore
       which i have on my shelf, so i could re-read it
       and the other book in that trilogy was World of Wonders, which is about a magician. i don't remember anything else about it and i don't have a copy
       that's the deptford trilogy

Sweet: again .. nver read them

gisellerenarde: in the cornish trilogy, the main character is a grad student whose mother is a gypsy. the gypsy mother is a violin conservator and part of her conservation process is to bury the violin in a hole full of shit
       i'm laughing so hard right now because i'm not making any of this up
       i just laughed so hard i cried

Sweet: it is an erotic comedy

gisellerenarde: one of the books has a breeding cuckold scene
       a character joins the gypsy daughter in bed and pretends to be her husband in order to impregnate her
       the husband had measles so he couldn't get her pregnant. i can't remember if he was in on it

Sweet: wow .. sounds like a greek comedy hahaha      

The moral of the story is: keep your brains active, young people. You don't want to turn out like me--someone who can only remember the raunchiest, most scatological snippets of her favourite trilogies. Also, if you're writing a paper, please feel free to quote me... if you want your professor to scrawl "Did you even read the book?" across your report.

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