Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dance Me To The World's Sexiest Music

With Valentine's Day on the way, I've got sexy music on the brain.

When I asked myself, "What's the sexiest song ever?" it was first an artist who came to mind. It was Leonard Cohen. I've been half in love with Leonard Cohen for years now, and when I tried to narrow down which among his many songs is itself the sexiest...well, the first one that came to mind was Dance Me To The End of Love...but then I realized that was only because it had the word "Love" in the title.

"I'm Your Man" THAT'S a sexy song! Strangely, I always envision it as a lesbian song. I guess that's because if I were ever to take part in a drag king performance, I would absolutely wear a suit and a fedora and sing this number to all the lovely ladies in the crowd. Though, upon reflection, it's not only the lyrics but the trotting sort of cowboy beat that makes "I'm Your Man" irresistibly sexy.

The next number on the Leonard Cohen songlist that jumped out as sexy was "Who by Fire." Again, it's about the beat, the lyrics (which are, yes, more melancholy than explicitly erotic, but maybe that's what makes them so sexy), and the overall intriguing feel of the piece. Here it is performed by another fine poet, Buck 65 (I love him to death, I really do) and Jenn Grant:

My final pick is one Leonard Cohen referred to on tour as a prayer, and I certainly hear that quality in "If It Be Your Will" but I also hear it as a love song every time I listen to it. Why? Because the ultimate act of love is the sacrifice of personal will do the other. I guess that sounds a little more submissive than I usually come across, but maybe conscientious submission is the ultimate act of love.

I've chosen this video of the Webb sisters on tour with Leonard Cohen not only because it's a gorgeous rendition, but because I attended this very performance at the Sony Centre. Happy memories.

Your turn: what songs do you consider sexy? Is it music that would have other people looking at you askance and asking, "What's so sexy about that?" (as I'm sure you're doing right now as you listen to my picks) or are you all about the old fashioned love songs? And, if so, which ones?

Tell All! It's beginning to look a lot like V-Day!

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!


  1. Okay, that's just creepy. I'm actually doing "I'm Your Man" for a Valentine's drag show because I also think it's the PERFECT love song!

  2. Romantic anyway. not sure about sexy. But I love it and it is stirring some controversy apparently. (I'm not sure why)