Monday, August 1, 2011

Call For Submissions: Whipped Cream Shorts

Howdy Authors,
You know I like to let you know about call for submissions and promo opportunities as I come across them. This one's a bit of both:


Special Call Out: We are always in need of stories for upcoming holidays and seasons! Do you have a fall or Thanksgiving story? Winter themed or Christmas? New Years? Valentines Day? Spring or Easter? Send 'em in!(NOTE: Please submit your holiday stories AT LEAST two months in advance of the holiday)

The Long and the Short of It and Whipped Cream are looking for short , romantic fiction for our Thrifty Thursdays, where readers can come and read for free. Stories must be 1300 - 1500 words long. NOTE: Stories not meeting the word count guideline will be returned to you unread, with a request to adjust the word count accordingly.

In exchange for your short romance story, we offer $5 (payable on acceptance and via Pay Pal only) and a free ONE MONTH book cover or banner ad (a $10 value). The author may also choose to substitute a TWO MONTH cover/banner ad (a $20 value) in lieu of monetary payment. The author will also receive a link on our website to their personal webpage and/or blog.

We ask that all stories submitted for our non-erotic site be rated PG or lower, as we have all ages reading. Special criteria for erotic short stories can be found here.

All genres are welcome as long as the story has strong romantic elements. Additionally, all the stories accepted at The Long and the Short of It MUST have love and romance as central. A “Happy Ever After” (or at least "Hopefully Ever After") is also a required, fundamental part of all the stories we publish. If your story does not conform with these guidelines, please seek an alternate home for it.

In addition to offering our readers quality fiction, we wish to offer authors an opportunity to place their work where readers, publishers, and editors can see it.

Our editorial standards are high and we do not publish every submission we receive. If necessary, editors will work with authors of successful submissions before the story is placed on the site. As we publish only one new story per week, space is limited and will be reserved for only the best submissions we receive.

The story will appear on the Thrifty Thursday page for one week, after which it will be archived. Six months after the story appears on our website, full rights may revert back to the author upon request. If the author doesn't request rights, the story will remain archived indefinitely.

In consideration of the author allowing The Long and the Short of It to publish the short story, links to the author’s website and/or blog may be presented on the story page.

  1. All submissions must be the original work of the author.
  2. No submission may be published anywhere else (including blogs or websites) at the time of submission.
  3. Submissions must be sent in the body of an email with “short story submission” and the title in the subject line. Please single space and use readable fonts like Times New Roman or Courier. Attachments will not be opened. Failure to put the correct heading in the subject line may result in your submission being deleted as spam.
  4. Include the word count, title of the story, your name, pen name (if desired), and email address, along with link to your website or blog, if available and a short (50 words or less) author bio.
  5. All short stories, regardless of genre, must have strong romance elements included.
  6. Please allow thirty days before inquiring about the status of your submission.

The Long and the Short of It is an open submissions site and we enjoy finding new writers and giving them a voice in a very busy marketplace. We read every submission we receive and judge them on the quality of writing, without regard to the author’s previous publication experience. However, the standard is extremely high and all submissions will be up against authors who take their writing and their growth in the craft seriously. We reserve the right to edit all material submitted for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity. However, this is not an excuse to submit poorly executed stories.

Proofread your story, make it the best it can be and send a professional submission to us.

More information, including how to submit your story, may be found here: http://tinyurl. com/29p5gba

Marianne and Judy

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