Monday, August 29, 2011


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Interview with TORY RICHARDS

Q: What's the most time-consuming part of a writer's life?
TORY RICHARDS: For me it's real life. Seriously! I work full time days so that leaves a little time in the evenings and weekends. Some of those hours are filled up with family and friend time. Finding time for writing is difficult.

Q: How do you handle a bad review?
TORY RICHARDS: I don't take it personal, and with a positive attitude. I try to learn something from it, too.

Q: What do you look for in a publisher?
TORY RICHARDS: Longevity and reputation!

Q: What makes an editor great or...not so great?
TORY RICHARDS: I've worked with both. The not so great senior editor was brash and definitely not a people person. She didn't get my book until it had already been edited by someone on her staff and then she cut the final work to ribbons. Said it was riddled with errors. Wasn't that what her staff editor was supposed to do? Go through it and let me know of any issues so I could fix them? Which I thought we had. These days I am so lucky to get to work with some great editors! We work together to put out the best product we can. I like to think I learn something from their criticism and use any constructive feedback to help me write better.

Q: Do you have a preference for short stories of longer works?
TORY RICHARDS: I used to think I didn't have a short story in me but I'm beginning to like writing them more. I write erotic romance and short stories are good for a quick fix! LOL

Q: Any promo tips for fellow authors?
TORY RICHARDS: Be prepared to spend a lot of time doing it! And it never ends.

Tory Richards is author of:
The Promise
Shannon Hayes' husband David was killed in Iraq nearly a year ago, and now she must face her first holiday season without him. With a toddler in tow, she travels to the Vermont farm where the rest of the family has gathered for the holidays. There she comes face to face with the man who was with him when he died, and her destiny, his older brother Ryan.
For the first time in years, Ryan returns home to keep a promise he made to David -- to take care of Shannon and their daughter. It's a pledge Ryan is reluctant to keep because he's been secretly in love with Shannon since first setting eyes on her. Their attraction to each other is instant, intense and soon the promise isn't the only thing between them.

Tory Richards
Author of sizzling romances!


  1. Wow, this is a really cool site! And guess what I'm having for breakfast? Yep...donuts! LOL


  2. Despite Tory Richards aka Debbie Wallace's limited writing time, she does a bang up job with long and short stories. I like them because they combine heart and heat. All of her books are in my library so obviously I'm a fan. The Mercenary Way is the next to be published and is on my TBB list:)

  3. LOL...thank you for the plug Nancy! I appreciate you as a friend and a fan:)