Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keywords Are Kewl...and Hilarious!

It's 3 o'clock in the morning, and what is party girl Giselle up to? Why, she's checking her blogger webstats, of course. That's just the kind of gal she is. (And, apparently, also one who refers to herself in the third person, but we'll leave that for now)

So, keyword searches, right? They make me laugh. It's pretty enlightening to see what the biggest draws are on this blog and what kinds of search terms people type into Google. In a lot of cases, I bet people aren't finding quite what they're looking for, here at Donuts & Desires, but I hope at least a few of them get hooked. (Hey, maybe YOU found me through a search engine. What do I know?)

Favourite search terms that landed web surfers here in the past few weeks:

  • ellie may clampett interracial (I think I was talking in my Beverly Hillbillies voice one time)
  • hairy legs (I can haz hairy legs--there are pictures to prove it)
  • hallmark birthday postcards (I specifically recall this post--it was about how Hallmark wouldn't let me send an e-card with the word "cunt" in the text)
  • lesbian "black lace" story or stories -$ (I wrote a story called "Black Lace and Wood" but there were no lesbians in it...and I'm sorry, but I have no $ for you)
  • lesbian knife play (Actually, yes, in my story...dang, what was that story called?...Oh right, "Waiting in Vein")
  • lesbian trans erotica (Yes, I write LOTS of that. Glad you found me!)
  • naked ugly lesbian (My lesbian eating disorder story "Ugly Naked People"?)
  • first shower sex story (Free story at Oysters & Chocolate about shower sex. What was THAT one called? Right--"Shower Fittings")
  • beach "hairy legs" (Those too...but no pics)
  • big leg f├ętish (They're not that big, but they are partially French, yes)
  • birthday sex (My first e-book was called "The Birthday Gift")
  • mmf erotica (Yes! I write that too! We can be friends)
  • femdom bride (I TOTALLY had some great femdom bride porn posted here, but Google AdSense suspended my account because of it, so I took it down. And do you think they ever re-instated me? Hells no! Maybe I should bring back the explicit pornography)

That was fun! Let's do this again, the next time I'm procrastinating at 3 a.m. Although, posting other people's search terms makes me a little self-conscious of my own. Maybe next time I'll post some of MY online searches, just to be fair.

Good-natured ribbing, right?

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