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Quick Six PRO
 with Sable Jordan

With the final Quick Six of 2011, here's Sable Jordan!
Quick Six PRO

Interview with Sable Jordan

Q: What's the most time-consuming part of a writer's life?

Sable: Hands down marketing. Just like there’s no “I” in “team”, there’s no “market” in “writer”. ;) If you don’t have a strategy and set a time limit, you’ll find yourself running in circles trying to get your book “out there”, and that’ll eat away at your writing time. Or worse, you’ll write around your marketing time, which means your priorities have shifted.

Q: What should a writer's priority be?

Sable: Writing, writing, and writing, and doing all three well. Develop your craft. There’s always something you can do to make your writing better, so take a little time each month to see where you can improve and expand your skill set. But don't. Stop. WRITING!

Q: How do you handle a bad review?

Sable: I get chocolate wasted! I’m kidding—getting chocolate wasted doesn't require prompting. Everyone’s not going to like my writing; I get that. Like I always say, you’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong! LOL! I read a bad review and move on.

Q: What advice do you give aspiring authors?

Sable: Small bites. Whatever it is you’re working on—outlining, character development, marketing—break it down into manageable pieces and you’ll find you’re more productive than if you try to tackle it all at once. Also, be patient, especially when it comes to sales. It takes a while to build a fan base, so just keep working your craft until the world finally recognizes your genius! :)

Q: What makes an editor great or...not so great?

Sable: A great editor will tell you when you’re writing crap. Don’t take it personally, we all write crap sometimes. Crap happens. And after working on a book for months, we authors are imaginative enough to convince ourselves that we haven’t written crap at all. Smell? What smell? Enter your great editor, who takes that crap-bespeckled 300 pages of blood, sweat and tears and helps you make it a rose-scented diamond. And they’ll do it by telling you specifically what they like and don’t like, where your POV has changed, if you’ve got tense issues...etc.

A not so great editor is a “yes”-person. Hand them a check for their services and your manuscript—be honest, it’s crapaliscious in places—and they’ll tell you “It’s amazing! Don’t change a thing! If you look up fabulous in the dictionary, your story would be the definition!” If you want your ego stroked while you throw around money, I suggest a stripper...or a Doxy. Shameless plug :) Make it rain!

Q: If you've ventured into self-publishing, what are the pros and cons?

Sable: I just started my company, Fresh Whet INK, and so far the biggest pro is controlling it all. Setting up my own release schedule means my work hits the stores when I want and I can track sales instantly. It also justifies my increased wine and chocolate consumption. Brain food's a tax write-off, right? Cons: controlling it all. LOL! It’s a lot of work, especially marketing and promo. Just means being more disciplined and making better use of my time. No more playing Diner Dash. *sigh*

The Doxy's Daybook: A Friday in Two Acts
Blurb: Call her Roz. All of her fans do.... Follow along with Rosalyn Hayes, a professional doxy. She's more than an actress, she's "a permanent affair." Every day, this southern-born beauty stars in a play she's also written and produced for an audience that doubles as co-star. It's a performance showing on a stage way off Broadway, the grandest stage of all—the hustle and bustle of life in New York. Told in 1st person, from the time the curtains go up until they go down you'll find yourself mesmerized by each deliciously naughty act.
Warning: 18+ Only! This title contains erotic scenes, graphic language, anal sex, M/M sex, M/F/M sex, Cowboy sex, F/F sex, (sheesh, there's a lot of sex) on a desk, sex toys, some light bondage, interracial/international sex, and a doxy with a smart mouth. Yep, that should cover it.

Sable Jordan
Stories so Whet, you'll want to lick my INK!

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