Saturday, December 3, 2011

Call for Submissions: Every Night Erotica

Hi Writers!

Today I'm calling your attention to a site that publishes a lot of my sex stories: Every Night Erotica. They post a work of erotic fiction under 2000 words EVERY NIGHT (hence the name) and, while the pay is low, I really like writing for them. These days I often find myself sitting at the computer at two in the morning, thinking, "Hey, why don't I pound one out for ENE before going to bed?" (Pound one out as in....write a short erotic story...ahem...)

Christmas/Holiday stories are particularly needed this month!

I've copied the "fine print" from ENE's site:

Writing Guidelines

Every Night Erotica is looking for your sexy fantasies, up to 2000 words. Use your adverbs and adjectives wisely and you are welcome to open the door to sex, raunch and explicit lovemaking in your erotic short fiction.

All genres of erotica will be accepted and while we’re well aware that reality stimulates creativity we are only looking for your fictional tales.

Also please note that Every Night Erotica will only accept consensual sex stories and is meant for a mature audience, 18years+. Under no circumstances will we accept stories featuring encounters including under-age characters in situations of rape, incest or any type of sexual abuse. If you have stories in these realms please submit them elsewhere.

Submissions Process
Please use our online form to submit your erotic tales as we do not accept submissions via email or post.

We here at Every Night Erotica will endeavour to respond to all submissions within two months. In that time you may expect an acceptance, a rejection, or in some cases if we are delayed an update on our timeframe for a final decision.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions
It would be untoward for Every Night Erotica not to accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. Hence we will accept up to three sexy stories from a single contributor at a time and we will accept previously published works. Please be sure when submitting your stories you upload one at a time.

Although Every Night Erotica believes it is important to compensate you for your erotic writing, you may agree that promotion is even more so.

You will have the chance to link your story to your blog or website or even your book on Amazon, if you have one.

You will be paid $3 for each story published here on Every Night Erotica. This amount will be paid via PayPal with an option to donate it back if you would like to help us get started. As we get up and running, Every Night Erotica hopes to be able to increase compensation to pro or at least semi-pro rates.

Terms and Agreements
We have an aggressive publication schedule, so we ask you to agree to our terms as part of the submissions process. A dialog box containing our contract will pop up as part of the submissions process. We got it from so you will find it standard if not familiar; however, please read it carefully anyhow. Then you will be given the opportunity to accept or decline our terms; if you accept, you will then receive an email confirmation of submission received. If you decline the contract, your submission will be automatically deleted unread.

In a nutshell, Every Night Erotica asks for Publication Rights; specifically Internet Publication with an option on Anthology Rights for 18 months (which if applied will garner you another $3). After publication your story will remain in our archives unless you ask us to remove it.

You can check out Every Night Erotica at

Nighty Night!

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