Friday, March 23, 2012

GBLTQ Promo at LR Cafe Saturday

I love that this chat starts at 3 in the morning. I'll actually be awake then! (I'm still on Vampire time, for the most part):

Join us Saturday March 24th as it's all about GBLTQ books, the authors who pen these amazing tales and the readers who love them. Permission granted to forward

Where it's at: LR Cafe Loop

Please note you MUST be a member of the cafe to participate in the promo day fun.

Time it begins: 3 am est (USA TIME)

What is allowed:

Promo posts for any gbltq books, excerpts, new releases, submission calls, etc. it MUST be GBLTQ only.

Any menage excerpts are to be MMF, or any variation of MMM, etc. No M/F/M scenes please.

Contests are welcome but not required. If you are involved in a contest, let us know about it GBLTQ Authors.

Promotional people are allowed to post for their GBLTQ clients/publishers. Just remember to follow our rules.


Posting Information for this day:

You can put Promo in the subject line.

If you are posting an excerpt, you MUST follow our excerpt posting rules which clearly state:
In subject line- a heat rating for excerpt (you can put a heat rating for the entire book inside the excerpt) and a genre.
Example: Promo/Excerpt: Title/Author/Heat Rating/Genre
Inside excerpt: a link for readers to go to for more information.
These three items must be in all excerpts or your post is deleted-no warnings given and if you are a repeated offender for this, you will be put on moderation until further notice.
Excerpt Ratings include the following. Please let it be known these are examples and don't always have to be used, just some variation needs to be in your subject line:
G: Good for everyone
PG: Ok with children reading over shoulder
PG-13: Some explicit words
R: Not for children/Explicit words/phrases
XXX: So hot, you need to hide in a shower to cool off.
It is unlimited posting of excerpts this day.
What is NOT allowed on GBLTQ day:
No hetero stories (M/F) as th is is for GBLTQ day only.
No menage scenes that are M/F/M. The male heroes must have a personal relationship together. M/M/F is allowed.
Posting and running. Engage the reader, post reader questions, talk to us and let us know about yourself, your books, etc.
Any questions, email me at dawn_roberto @ yahoo (dot) com with "Questions on GBLTQ Day" in subject line or else I am assuming you are spam.
Hope to see you there.
Owner-LRC Loop

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