Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Release: Licorne, a sweet and sensual trans lesbian fantasy

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than with a new release that addresses the question of what it means to be a women.

At the start of my new fantasy/historical lesbian story Licorne, one of our heroines is a unicorn. In Licorne's own world she'd possessed a human form, but in Galiana's world she inhabits a horse-like body... with a horn. Licorne is special and unusual. The people of Galiana's kingdom have never known anyone like her, and that puts some on edge. Of course, she and Galiana recognize that Licorne has the spirit of a woman, and they hope one day to be embodied as humans together, to express their love physically.

But that's all backstory.

Licorne is available now from booksellers such as loveyoudivine, Amazon and All Romance, and it'll be popping up at other retailers very soon, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, enjoy the blurb and an excerpt:

In their hearts, they are two beautiful women, and very much in love. The physical reality is a lot more complicated.

When Licorne’s cruel former master tracks her down, the unicorn and her human love Galiana must flee to Limen, the world between worlds. In the Limen, they know Licorne can alter her physical form so they can finally be women together, but how will Galiana react to Licorne’s much-anticipated transformation? In human form, Licorne’s body comes with much more than Galiana had anticipated…

When her arms and legs reached the peak of exhaustion, Galiana floated on the water. Licorne looked on from the shore, every so often bending to drink as Galiana’s naked body moved with the current. Sunlight dappled her pale breasts while a cool breeze kissed her pink nipples, drawing them to tight buds. Between her thighs, downy hair glinted like gold.

“When we reach the Limen…” Licorne began.

A sudden thrill ran through Galiana’s body, buzzing warmly in her core. “Oh Licorne, my love, I never imagined this day would come, when we could be women together, when we could be lovers at last! Though I hoped it would be in a happier circumstance.”

Licorne halted by the riverside, and Galiana saw in those beautiful blue eyes that she was lost for words.

“I have only passed through once before,” Licorne said at last. “When first escaping my master. In the Limen he could not find me, for I entered before him and one only perceives the parties with whom one crosses the threshold. My time was limited to one day and one night before I was forced to pass through into your world.”

Galiana stood in the river, sheets of water coursing from her wet hair and caressing her bottom. As Licorne explained the Limen, she found her focus shifting, her mind forming a unicorn into a woman. It had always been an idle fantasy, this idea of making love with Licorne in human form. In Licorne’s own world she had been embodied in flesh, so the fantasy was not a terrible stretch.

“You are beauty itself, my love.” Licorne lowered her head as Galiana walked dripping from the river.

“Ah, but you are vastly more so.” Falling to her knees, Galiana pressed her forehead to the expanse between Licorne’s nose and horn. Her skin tingled with anticipation. “And when you are a woman in flesh, I shan’t resist your feminine wiles. I shall kiss your face and your lips and your neck, my beauty. I shall savour your breasts and your belly before my lips fall between your legs.”

Licorne whinnied, stepping away from Galiana with shocking rapidity.


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