Saturday, April 2, 2022

Wedding Heat Is HERE! (What is #WeddingHeat?)

This week, I republished the first story in my Wedding Heat series, so I'm sharing the blog post I wrote about it when it first came out ten years ago: 

What is Wedding Heat? Basically, I couldn't find anything good on TV and I thought, "Hmm... maybe there are OTHER people out there who can't find anything good on TV either... so maybe I'll write a series of short stories to fill the gap."

So that's what I did.

Wedding Heat is about more than just two people getting hitched.  My tagline for the series is: Forget the happy couple--it’s the guests that make this wedding sizzle!  The series centres around the wedding weekend for Maggie and Ed (at a luxury woodland retreat, no less!), but each story focuses on different guests. It was important to me to establish the series in that way, because I wanted Wedding Heat to be pansexual and incorporate a characters with varied gender identities as well as sexualities.

That said, the first story in the series (One in the Hand) is the epitome of vanilla.  Well, sort of.  Its focus is on Cora and Dan, who are the bride's aunt and uncle.  I'm tempted to call them an "older couple" except that... well, "older" is relative, right?  Anyway, they're in their 50's and there's some naughtiness involving their car.  (Look at that: they're, their, and there all in the same sentence. Sorry, that was a grammar geek intrusion. LOL)

Anyway, in this story we also meet Cora and Dan's twenty-something kids, who pop up in stories of their own.  Later in the series, son Joey might just might have his first sexual encounter while skinny dipping with some dudes, and Vanessa might just act on her crush on the bride.  Wait and see!

The stage is set. One in the Hand is now available, and you can buy it from lots of retailers. 

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