Friday, April 8, 2022

Who Loves #WeddingHeat?

I'm currently re-releasing the stories in my Wedding Heat series, and I came across this post I created in 2013 but never published. These little reviews by fellow authors blew me away at the time, and they're blowing me away all over again.

Here are some wonderful words from Oleander Plume:

And wonderful words from Annabeth Leong:

I'll never forget the raging arousal I felt after reading Giselle Renarde's Wedding Heat: Two in the Bush. Jaded me, who these days often finds descriptions of explicit sex repetitive, had to close my laptop and run to the bedroom to bring myself off as quickly as possible, noisily, desperately, as if I'd just discovered masturbation. There is art in that, pure art. Not every sex scene does that to me. There is art in finding and portraying the real heat of a moment.

Two in the Bush
Wedding Heat, Book 2

Irene has been in love with her co-worker Brian for years, but she’s never worked up the courage to tell him. When Maggie, a friend from the office, invites them to her wedding weekend at a woodland resort, Irene convinces Brian to share a room. Just when Irene is gearing up to make her move, she stumbles upon Brian making out with a beautiful stranger, Denitsa.  Irene is crushed… until Denitsa finds a shocking way to bring the co-workers together! 

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