Friday, November 30, 2012

For Just Pennies A Day...

Wait!  It's not what you think!  I'm not asking for money (this time). heh

This post is about an experiment I've got going.  It's veeery iiiinteresting, so I want to share it with my fellow readers and writers.

A few weeks ago, I was on twitter (what else is new?) and another author was like "Oh yay, I just got a royalty cheque for £6."

Well, I won't be one-upped, so I bragged about the royalty cheque I'd just received in the amount of one dollar and ninety cents.  Marketing-wise, showing off about how little money we make in this industry probably isn't smart, but you know what?  I'd rather be honest about it.  I'm a full-time writer and it is not a lucrative career.

Now, granted, that $1.90 cheque was only from one publisher where I have not much work placed, and it covered a quarter where I had no new releases, but even so... that's THREE MONTHS of sales.

Three months!

It's real! I didn't make it up!
Last week, I was out for a walk (I walk a lot--it's free entertainment) when I came across a dime on the sidewalk.  I tell you, that was an exciting day.  I looked that dime, and the first thing that popped into my head was my cheque for $1.90.  I thought, "If I found a dime every day for three months, I'd make considerably more than $1.90."  But what are the chances of that, right?  So I thought, "Well, I see a lot of pennies on the ground.  What if I found ONE penny every day?  In three months, I'd make... $1.80!"

I kid you not, it took me a full week to realize that 30 days x 3 months x 1 cent does NOT equal $1.80. Which is sad, because I was really good at math in elementary school.

Anyway, starting last week with that dime, I decided to launch an experiment:

Can I "earn" more than $1.90 in three months by picking up change off the sidewalk?

This is my experiment, and you're in on it.  After one week, here's what we've got:

Hello Kitty says Hello

If I'm counting correctly (and there's always a chance that I am), I've collected 16 cents off the sidewalk in the last week.  This is going to be veeery iiiinteresting.  Oh, I already said that.  Well, you know, it'll be something to read about when you're bored.

Stay tuned.


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