Saturday, December 8, 2012

Festive Frenzy ~ Red Satin Christmas

Title: Red Satin Christmas
Author: Giselle Renarde
Genre: Transgender Lesbian Erotic Romance


What fun would a family Christmas be if everybody got along?

This is a Christmas of firsts for girlfriends Regan and Maisie. Maisie hasn't returned to her hometown since beginning her transition from male to female. Her mother and sisters welcome her with open arms, but what about brother Jerry? Is he just going to ignore her forever? And who is this mystery woman he's brought home for the holidays?

Regan figures she's just along for the ride, lending her girlfriend support, until Maisie's mother surprises her with a special dinner guest. Regan hasn't spoken to her hard-drinking Cree father in years, and he's the last person in the world she wants to sit across from at Christmas dinner. Can Regan finally trust the man who's once again claimed to have changed for good?

Together, Regan and Maisie face drama beyond their wildest imaginings. Will their trials during this eventful family Christmas challenge their bond... or vanquish their limitations?

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