Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh, I Forgot to Mention... (about this MMF Christmas cougar story)

...a lot of stuff, actually.

In my last post, I kicked off this year's Festive Frenzy with a promo for a new BDSM anthology called Vanilla-Free Christmas.  This collection from Evernight Publishing JUST hit the market today, and there are about a thousand things I wanted to say about it... and then didn't.

So I'm back, to say all the things I didn't say.

First off, as the title suggests, Vanilla-Free Christmas is a collection of stories that are kinkier than your a-ver-age holiday fare.  My story is MMF menage about a cougar landlady, the young guy who lives in her basement apartment, and a bathtub installer.  The story is called "Three in a Tub." (as in, "Rub-a-dub-dub"... although, I guess that would be "Three MEN in a tub"... anyway...)

I got the idea for Three in a Tub while watching commercials late at night on CBC television.  I guess they anticipate everybody watching in the wee hours of the morning to be elderly insomniacs, because so many of the commercials are for things like the Acorn Stairlift.  My initial thought was to write a story about a woman preparing her home for her elderly mother to move in, and falling for the Stairlift installer.

Then I saw a commercial for those bathtubs... I forget what they're called... "walk-in tubs" maybe?  Something like that.  It's another product intended for the elderly and/or people with mobility problems.   The tubs are high and they have a door, so you can sit down on a bench and have a bath.  Anyway, I'm not trying to sell you one, it was just the inspiration for this story.

Here's the blurb:

This Christmas, Cathy's elderly mother is coming to stay... and staying forever. Cathy's not delighted that her mother is moving in. How is she going to hide her romantic relationship with Jeremy, the young tenant in her basement suite? In preparation of her mother's arrival, Cathy brings in sexy Vance to install a new bathtub that will be easy for her mother to use. She never imagined Jeremy and Vance would team up to give her the gift of a lifetime!


You know what? Let's have an excerpt from Three in a Tub:

“So, how long is this installation going to take?” Jeremy asked, puffing out his chest like a peacock.

“I’ll be done by five,” Vance said. “Just like I told your landlord.”

Cathy shook her head as the kettle burbled and clicked off behind her. “Anybody care for some tea?”

“Is it going to be noisy?” Jeremy asked, taking one step closer to Vance.

“There will be some noise involved, yes.”


“No, not much dust.”

“But noise?”

“Yes, noise.”

These men were ridiculous.

“Well, we don’t want to keep you from your work,” Jeremy said, and then grabbed Cathy’s hand. “We’ll be in the basement if you need anything. So long.”

Cathy caught a glimmer of jealousy in Vance’s eyes as Jeremy dragged her down into his suite. She wanted to be upset with him, but she was strangely amused by his guard-dog demeanor.

“Jeremy!” she said, trying not to laugh. “You brat! That man’s going to think we’re down here doing…”

“Doing what?” Jeremy pulled her into his subterranean bedroom and swept off his robe.

He was naked underneath, as usual, and he wrapped his fist around his hard cock, pumping it slowly while she watched. “Doing this?”

Cathy reached out to touch it, and he swept her into a hot kiss. She loved the slick sensation of his precum on her fingers. Making love with a man twenty-five years her junior was like falling into a time warp. She was young every time they fucked. He made her young again.

Releasing their kiss, Jeremy unbuttoned her cardigan and tore it off. “You know what I want?”

Bang, bang, bang! Vance was working away up there, making all the noise he’d promised them. Jeremy fought back by turning on his radio. Classic rock. Something they could always agree on.

“You know what I want?” Jeremy asked again.

She grinned while he undid her khakis and pushed them down. “What do you want, Jeremy?”

“This.” Thrusting his hand beneath her panties, he cupped her mound and squeezed. “I want your pussy, Cath.”

His breath was so hot on her ear she nearly fainted as he tore off her camisole.

“Nobody’s ever talked to me the way you do,” she told him.

“You’re no withering flower,” he said, rubbing her clit. “You can take it.”

He always did that, always came on too strong. Not the words—Cathy loved his filthy mouth—but the touching. She pulled back and said, “Lube…”

But Jeremy had a better idea. He tore off her panties and tossed her on the bed like a sack of flour. It made her laugh, the way he manhandled her, because he wouldn’t do it if he thought of her as a frail old woman. It was nice to be treated with respect, especially when respect came with a side order of hot sex.


So, there you go.  An excerpt from "Three in a Tub." And my story's only one of NINE in this 70,000-word anthology.

If you're interested, get your copy today from Evernight Publishing:

Or All Romance:

Coming soon to the other places. :-)


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