Sunday, December 2, 2012

#SixSunday The Red Satin Collection

Festive Frenzy (my annual celebration of holiday books) was scheduled to begin today, but yesterday I received news that my trans lesbian erotic Christmas romance The Red Satin Collection WON a Rainbow Award in the category of Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance/Erotic Romance, sooo...

I thought I'd share 6 sentences from this collection with you today!  This is a coming home/coming out story, so I've selected the scene where my trans character Maisie (along with her girlfriend Regan) comes home for the first time presenting as a woman.

6 Sentences from The (Award-Winning!) Red Satin Collection:

When Maisie looked up, Regan could feel the happiness coursing through her body. 

“Mom!” Maisie cried out.

As Maisie bolted through the front door, her mother ran down the staircase. They met in the hallway and dove into each other’s arms. Though Maisie was taller than her mother, something about the nature of their hug dwarfed her, in Regan’s eyes, and she appeared as a little child. 

“Mom,” she whimpered.

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