Sunday, August 18, 2013

Into the Woods (and out of the woods, and home before all hell breaks loose)

Do you love Sondheim?  I do.  Into the Woods is the bestest musical ever.

Is this just random blathering?  Has Giselle lost her mind?

Yes and no. 

In case you were wondering where I've been (do you miss me when I'm gone?), I spent last week in the woods.  No electricity, no cell reception, no internet, no showers.  I was totally and utterly unavailable.  It was goooood.  Well, aside from the fact that it was fucking FREEZING in Northern(ish) Ontario and my poor little tent got soaked two nights in a row.  None of that stuff's really a big deal.  I can take it.  I love the woods.

So, when I got back from the woods I discovered that Amazon's been a bastard again.  After banning two of my last three releases (Stripping My Son's Sleeping Girlfriend and Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation), they were reluctant to allow the re-release of my beautiful trans lesbian romance Friday Night Lipstick. Because it used to be available. From a publisher that went out of business. 

If I knew how to do stuff, I'd create a gif of Nelson Muntz saying "Stop Plagiarizing Yourself" and put it right here.

But everything finally seems to be under control, and Friday Night Lipstick is now available from Amazon:

It's a lovely little story. Makes me cry every time I read it. You should buy a copy. It's good.

In other musical-related news, also while I was in the woods, an anthology called HIS: Manlove Edition came out.  I'm mentioning it in this post because my story involves a former theatre student hooking up with his high school dance teacher.

The Evernight anthology is all about gay alpha guys and older/younger pairings and BDSM... I'll put up a more thorough post about the antho later in the week, but I see that it's selling well at evil Amazon, so you probably know all about it already:

See?  Sondheim and camping and a new release blocked by Amazon and another release selling like crazy on Amazon and a musical theatre student/teacher relationship.  We've come full circle... into the woods and out of the woods and home before...

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