Friday, August 23, 2013

One Day Only: Promo Opportunity for Authors of GBLT Fiction

Passing this along from Dawn at LR Cafe:

**Permission to forward granted**

Join us Friday Aug. 23rd here at the LR Cafe Yahoo Group as we celebrate all things GBLT. Lots of wonderful authors, yummy books and more show up on this special day so get those reading lists never know, you might find a new author or three to enjoy. *grins*

A few things before you post tomorrow-please make sure you read these first!!!!

1) You MUST be a member of the LR Cafe in order to participate. You can join at and remember, this is a HIGH VOLUME group so please go on special notices or digest if you don't want a ton of posts in your email.

2) You can begin to start posting anytime after 1am est (USA) which means in the UK anytime after 5am their time. 

3) Only GBLT promos are allowed this day. 

4) No limit on promo posts 

5) Promotion companies/people are allowed to post for their gblt clients

6) If posting an excerpt, please make sure to follow our excerpt posting rules which are this:

*In subject line, a heat rating for the excerpt itself & the genre of the book. Example would be PG13 Excerpt/Title by Author/Paranormal M/M
*In the email/post body make sure you have a link for readers to go get more information on the book. No link might mean you lose a reader. It can be your blog/website, publishers coming soon page, etc.

7) Work in progress posts are welcome as long as you tell us it is a wip.

8) I host a few contests on this day and you are more than welcome to either shoot me an email to donate a prize (not required btw) or put a contest post up yourself. 

If any questions, please email me at dawn_roberto@yahoo(dot)com with 'GBLT Promo Day'in subject. This is so I am not thinking you are a spam post.

Owner/Moderator-LR Cafe Yahoo Group

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