Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Book Banned by Google Play

Last week I told you Google Play had removed two of my books from sale (you should read my blog post--it's pretty ridiculous), and today another one's been taken down: My Mistress' Thighs, an anthology of erotic transgender fiction and poetry.

Same reason: "We do not allow sexually explicit terms or excerpts in the titles or descriptions of books."

I'm guessing I must have listed the table of contents in addition to the blurb, because there's a story in this collection called "Cock for a Day."  Aside from that, I don't know what their issue would be. But, honestly, Google Play is banning books for COCK?  It's not as stupid as last week's this-cum-that example, but it's still... gah! Corporate censorship.

Google Play is officially worse than Amazon. Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. 

If you'd like to buy My Mistress' Thighs: Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry, it's available like everywhere on the planet except Google Play. Kobo also banned it last year. I don't remember if they unbanned it, but this happened about a month after Kobo threw indie authors under the bus by removing ALL our books and also saying derogatory things about erotica writers, so... yeah.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, about this banned book:

Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention

Praise for My Mistress’ Thighs: Whether this is your first encounter with Giselle’s work, or simply your latest, I daresay there’s nowhere better to find yourself than between (the pages of) My Mistress’ Thighs
~Sally, Bending the Bookshelf
Erotic Transgender Fiction and Poetry

A cross-dressing cowboy, a post-war pin-up, and a wolf in grandmother's clothing all find a special home in My Mistress' Thighs.

This collection of erotic trans and genderqueer fiction makes room for everyone. There's a secret solstice sacrifice, a case of spring fever, an online romance, and a Wednesday night dinner routine that's anything but dull.

From the timid closet dresser of Love in the Time of Instant Messenger to the post-op rodeo queen of Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again, all who seek love find it in the world of Giselle Renarde Erotica.

Table of Contents

Sonnet: Fear of Drowning
The Public Life of Private Paulsen
Friends of Dorothy
Sonnet: Earthly Constellations
Dressing for Dinner
Love in the Time of Instant Messenger
Third Rail
Sonnet: Time That You Love
A Wolf in Grandmother's Clothing
Secrets and Guys
Sonnet: Light Walker
Secrets of the Solstice Sacrifice
Cock for A Day
Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again
Sonnet: A Female Bond
Spring Fever
Sonnet: My Mistress' Thighs

Buy in print from Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/4545682

or as an ebook:

and a bunch of other places. But not Google Play.


  1. It seems a shame to ban your books just because you used the word cock in the table of contents.

  2. Uuuugh. I'm increasingly glad that I picked this one up in the last days of loveyoudivine. I hate that this is a possibility in my mind, but could they be flagging the word "transgender?" Not that it's OK in any way if they are.

    Maybe this is silly of me, but I feel like the many sonnets this book contains ought to somehow insulate it from all this. "Look! Sonnets! Cultural and artistic value!!"