Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cherry: Chapter Two #Free #BeachRead #Hot #Erotica #Serial

"Sex is totally natural. I hate it when people act like you're evil or whatever just because you like screwing."

Chapter Two of Cherry has just gone live at Wattpad, a little early today but it's raining here (is it raining with you...?) so I figured what the hell.

Great chapter today, complete with a beach scene that'll surely arouse your interest. Sunblock, talk of blow-up dolls, and Cherry takes her top off. A ton of fun.

Read Chapter Two for free right now:

If you missed Chapter One, here you go:

The book's got a main page type thing too, and that's here:

Love you!

Chapter Three goes up tomorrow. If you just can't wait, buy the whole book in print or as an ebook:

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